Tips to Maintain Your Personal Relationships as an Escort

Escort work is highly demanding. It's not like any 9 to 5 regular office job where you have fixed working hours and weekends off. An escort's work is challenging in every way — from facing social stigmas to maintaining a proper appearance. Being an escort, you have to plan your work schedule

Escort work is highly demanding. It's not like any 9 to 5 regular office job where you have fixed working hours and weekends off. An escort's work is challenging in every way — from facing social stigmas to maintaining a proper appearance

Being an escort, you have to plan your work schedule as per your clients' requests. Importantly, you have to offer physical intimacy to a client without getting emotionally involved, which is a very tough task. Therefore, managing personal romantic relationships for escorts is a lot harder than for other working women. 

In a survey, 78% of escorts and sex workers stated that their careers have a negative impact on their personal relationships. In addition, many escorts said that jealousy, lying, loyalty, and guilt have ruined their potential romantic relationships. 

Does that mean escorts can't have a healthy personal relationship?

Yes, they can have. In fact, today, many escorts in Canada have a good family life and flourishing careers simultaneously. Some escorts even said that their career has a positive impact on their personal lives. In addition, they feel more emotionally and physically connected with their partners after working as escorts. 

It's just a matter of getting the right balance between your personal and professional lives. Once you learn a way to separate your work from your personal life, you can seamlessly harbour a strong romantic relationship. But it's easier said than done.  

Don't worry, in this post, we'll share a few tips that can help you have a good personal or professional life without compromising anything in return. 

Tip #1. Find the right partner 

There are always two people in a relationship. It's a two-way street that requires mutual support from both sides. Therefore, escorts, first you need to find your soulmate who can understand your career and even support it. And, this is the most tricky part, even for the escort with the best Ottawa escort reviews. 

Although escorts have received legal approval in many states and provinces, social acceptance is still due for them and the topic might still be taboo. Unfortunately, not many people understand that escorts and sex workers aren't the same. 

Thus, finding a boyfriend or husband for escorts isn't pretty simple. If you are struggling to find the right person who can understand your work line, in that case, you should explore relationships with someone within your industry. Your ex-clients and other escorts are the best people to have a relationship with because they duly understand your profession, so you won't have to explain anything to them. 

However, it doesn't mean you can't find your romantic partner outside your industry. You can definitely find an understanding, funny and caring person to date anywhere. Just keep your eyes and heart open, ladies. 

Tip #2. Be open and honest 

Mostly, escorts hide or deliberately avoid talking about their profession before stepping into a relationship, which is the worst mistake. In fact, they need to openly discuss their profession before even going on the first date. 

Honesty and trust are the two basic foundations of a relationship. If you have to constantly lie to your boyfriend when you are with your clients, the guilt will eat you up. Plus, it will unnecessarily strain your relationship if your boyfriend or girlfriend finds out about your profession from someone else. 

Therefore, the best policy here is honesty. You should openly discuss your career with your date and answer all questions related to your work honestly. If a person is alright to explore a relationship with you after knowing about your work line, this might be your silver lining.

Tip #3. Take baby steps

If a person says that he or she has no objection to your work, it doesn't mean they won't feel jealous or territorial once things get real. In fact, the number one reason behind poor escort relationships is jealousy. 

So, the best solution here is to take baby steps in your relationship. Don't rush and move in with your partner after just a few weeks of dating. Instead, you should let your partner first settle in with the reality of your job. 

You should observe things like how your partner feels when you meet your clients or spend the night with your clients. If your partner doesn't seem overwhelmed or annoyed with your demanding career, you should definitely hold on to this relationship tight. 

Tip #4. Set some boundaries 

Escorts, once you are in a serious relationship, you have to set some personal and professional boundaries straight. Every relationship requires some sacrifices and compromises to flourish, even if your partner is highly understanding. 

Some of the common boundaries that you should set to strengthen your romantic relationships are:

  • Redefine your services: You might have to limit your services so you can spend more time with your partner. For example, you can stop going on weekends or abroad trips with your clients. 
  • Reduce your clientele: You might also have to reduce your client list to free up your schedule for having date nights with your partner. You should make a list of your loyal and good-paying clients and give priority to them.
  • Fix your working days: For escorts, it is hard to fix their working days, but you have to try so you can free up some time to spend with your partner. For instance, if your partner has weekends off, you should also try to keep your weekends free. 

However, it is important to emphasize that you should only make compromises if you are certain about a relationship and your future. But if you aren't sure about the person you are dating, don't make drastic career changes on a whim. 

Tip #5. Save something for your partner 

If you also provide sexual services to your clients, you should save some intimate services for your personal life only. Many escorts only offer oral, anal or simple dirty talking services to their clients while saving the best part for their partners only. 

Usually, professional and experienced escorts keep emotional intimacy limited with their clients. They don't cuddle, talk about personal stuff or even sleep in the same bed as their clients. These are the few special intimate things that you should only reserve for your personal relationship. 

However, if you are providing girlfriend experience services, you might have to also offer some level of emotional intimacy to your clients. So, here if you can keep your real and professional girlfriend act separate, only then should you keep on providing this service. Otherwise, it's better to stop seeing those clients and reconsider the services you offer. 

Tip #6. Have some me-time 

After spending a night with your client, going on a date with your partner could be physically and mentally exhausting for you. It doesn't matter how good you are at separating your personal and professional life, you are still human, and you will experience mental or physical fatigue with constant work and personal stress. 

Therefore, you should take some me-time before switching roles from a sassy escort to a lovely girlfriend. For example, if you have attended an overnight date with your client on the weekend, you should at least take a day for yourself before meeting your boyfriend. This way, you can get a proper physical and mental rest to be fully present on your date with your boyfriend. 

Tip #7. Communication is vital in your relationship

Not only for escorts, but good communication is a general relationship rule. Communication is the lifeline of every relationship. So if you stop discussing your feelings with your partner, it will negatively impact your relationship. 

Here you don't need to discuss your charges or clientele with your partner, just discussing general career goals, aspirations or when you are travelling with your clients is sufficient. 

For escorts, it is very important to keep a dialogue open with their partners. This way, they can know how their partner is feeling about their work or clients. So, always make time for conversation even if it's just a few minutes. 

Tip #8. Indulge into some couple activities 

You and your partner should often participate in couple activities based on your mutual interest to know how much you both are compatible outside the bedroom. For example, if you both love spending time with Mother Nature, go hiking, camping, or biking with your partner. On the contrary, if you are both big-time foodies, there's nothing better way to bond than joining a cooking class or trying a new restaurant every week. 

When you bond through interest rather than physical attraction with your partner, it will better nourish your relationship. Additionally, when your partner gets to know your lovely personality, your career won't impact their decision to be with you a lot.  

Escorts, maintaining a healthy relationship where your partner respects your career path is indeed hard. But it's not impossible. If you stay honest, loyal and open in your relationship, you can seamlessly grow in your personal and professional life. 

You can start building your relationship with the above-discussed 8 tips and also check out other relationship-related blogs on the Escort Rankings blog to enjoy relationship bliss. 


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