Bora Bora's Review of Shauna Green
Overall ranking: 5 / 5
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Bora Bora's Review of Shauna Green - Spicy Details
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    She really does make you special. I love this girl. If you are a fan of sexy MILFS with an amazing personality, smart and pleasant, she might be good for you too... sure she was for me **

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    After spotting her here booked one hour. 9/10 for the looks. Very pleasing to the eyes, obviously works out, very pretty, busty, long hair, round bum. Sounds like a perfect girl. The entire experience was mind-blowing. Beware, she is very very seductive!
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  • Oink
    Apr 2024

    General Description:
    Shauna is filthy to the bone. She even encouraged me to cum on her face.

    The Juicy Details:
    At the beginning she was timid and shy, i thought here we go, another plain Jane and i was sick about it. But once i put her hand under my pants - BOOM - she transferred into Sasha Gray at the apex of her career. She spat in my mouth, spat on my dick, juices were all over the place. I used digits to make her squirt, the bed was soaked. We changed all the positions we had in mind at the time, and finally gave me a massive BBJ and was dirty talking, encouraging me to finish on her face. She’s a keeper.

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