Solar's Review of Misha Milenkovic
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Solar's Review of Misha Milenkovic - Spicy Details
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    She encouraged me to cum on her face and made sure my fellow is clean with a couple of additional blows.

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    Not every girl would do this, hence i think Misha is a gem we have to respect and cherish. For me, meeting an escort is not only about sex (even though it's the most important thing), it’s also how we treat each other, that small talks, laugh. At the end of the day, and what matters the most is that we can say that we had a good time (with empty balls of course). Some girls would make you bust 2 or 3 times for a session, but you’ll feel empty after all. It’s different with Misha, she makes your soul cum and that feeling of bliss lasts for a long time afterwards.