Things Every Escort Needs in Her Wardrobe

One cannot just have enough items for their wardrobe. No matter how many items you buy, you'll always want more. While the eternal craving for stuffing your wardrobe never ends, here are some of the essential things every escort needs in her wardrobe.Little Black Dress"One is never overdressed or underdressed

One cannot just have enough items for their wardrobe. No matter how many items you buy, you'll always want more. While the eternal craving for stuffing your wardrobe never ends, here are some of the essential things every escort needs in her wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

"One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress" – Karl Lagerfeld. 

A little black dress is essential for every woman. We can't deny that escorts satisfy their clients the most when they look hot. However, sultry dresses are not always a go-to look for escorts, especially if they are going on dates with their clients.

A little black dress will look classy and appropriate on an outing with a client and will take no time turning him on when you both are in a private space. No matter what, a little black dress always saves the day.

Padded Bra

Filler and fuller breasts are attractive for every man, and that is what padded bras are for. The best part about wearing a padded bra is the natural curvy and well-endowed appearance. You can wear a seamless padded bra under anything as it will not destroy or interfere with the beauty of your top.

The padded bra gives you a smoother finish and will look excellent in fitted clothing. A double padded push-up bra can enhance the bust by two cup sizes for escorts with smaller breasts!


Basque has to be one of the sexiest lingerie items of all time that will make you look more appealing than ever in the eyes of your client. Basque mainly covers the body till the waist or the top of the hips. Basque does not essentially cover the lower body but indeed makes it look sexier. The tight bodice of this intimate french lingerie shows off the wearer's natural feminine curves, and you will never have to worry about how well it fits.


Bodystockings are another sexy clothing item that is a must-have for your lingerie collection. Body Stockings are fitted robes that cover the body, legs, and sometimes the arms of the person who wears them. 

The most significant advantage of bodystocking is that it looks hot on all body types, so it is ''one item that fits all sizes' style of clothing. You can pair your bodysuit with a skirt to look stunning for a date.

Many exotic dancers wear bodystockings for an enticing dance. Your clients will love you wearing bodystocking and dancing sexily for them in it; they might even give you fantastic reviews, for example, in Ottawa Escort Reviews.


Hosiery can be used as a synonym for hot legs! Hosiery includes the clothing worn on legs and feet and can increase the level of hotness for any outfit. 

If you have a date night planned with your client and are confused about how to notch up your simple dress, hosiery can solve all your confusion. Even a plain dress looks sexy when worn with hosiery. Hosiery can also be worn as a part of lingerie when you are alone with your client. In other words, hosiery is a perfect choice for the street as well as for the sheets!

Off Shoulder Dress

There can be nothing that is as subtly sexy as an off-shoulder dress. Walking to your client in an off-shoulder dress will make it seem like a goddess is walking towards him. When you go out with your client wearing an off-shoulder dress, he wouldn't be able to help but wonder how sexy your bare shoulders look and will leave him wanting for more. 

An off-shoulder dress gives a highly sophisticated and feminine appearance with absolute ease, which is why it is trendy and an essential wardrobe item. You can dress your off-shoulder in numerous ways and wear it on several occasions, be it casual, formal, date nights or part evenings. An off-shoulder dress is versatile, sexy and can enhance your style quotient. 

Plain Tees

One can be an escort, a corporate woman or a student. A plain tee is an essential wardrobe item regardless of profession and lifestyle. Plain tees are a must-have in your collection since they offer so much variety and versatility. Fashion fads come and go, but the timeless charm of a basic t-shirt endures.

Escorts indeed fulfil the fantasies of several men, but there is always a difference between reality and fantasy. Escorts can't be heavily dressed even during everyday chores when plain tees come in handy.

Denim Jeans

Can a wardrobe be called a wardrobe if it does not have at least one pair of jeans? A pair of blue jeans are worn by girls every day or at least every other day due to the perfect casual look they give. Denim jeans are always helpful when doing the basic girl stuff, such as buying groceries or food from the drive-thru.

Denim jeans are also the best choice to wear for escorts when they meet their clients casually, for example, for an early morning breakfast, and make escorts look decent, classy and not overdressed.

Sexy Bikini

Owning a bikini is vital for all modern women. Your wardrobe can just not be completed without at least one pair of bikinis. A bikini is the sexiest swimsuit you can wear with your client on your beach dates to turn him on. Watching you walking around in a sexy bikini can lead to more tips and more appointments in the future!

One need not go swimming in their bikinis because they look fantastic just sitting by the water in them; they can be seen as a fashion statement. Bikinis are timeless whether you use a bikini to wear when you are with your client, your friends or just to the beach alone. It is also useful to mention that sexy bikinis lead to sexy tans!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are long-lasting, functional, and fashionable enough for any occasion. Not only are these bags useful, but they also look great. There is a lot of room in them, so you can use them for various purposes. 

Your tote bag will be your favourite companion whenever you go for out-call services. In a tote bag, you can take along with you all the necessary stuff, for example, a condom and sex toys. Every escort needs to own at least one tote bag because of its high level of sturdiness and long-term usefulness. We all know how important it is for escorts to look good and have their makeup on point, and tote bags can fit in all the necessary makeup. 

Pencil Skirt 

A pencil skirt is a fashion statement for any woman. This skirt makes any woman look more graceful, feminine, and confident. Pencil Skirts are fantastic since they allow you to put together a wide variety of looks with only one purchase. Dress it down with a tee or a sweater, dress it up with a printed blouse or make a statement with something delicate or glittery for the night. 

With a pencil skirt, you can go from a casual to a romantic look in seconds. Pencil skirts have become a staple of today's woman's wardrobe, and every escort should have at least one.


When it comes to outerwear, a blazer is a wardrobe item worn throughout the year. It is possible to wear them in various outfits, from short dresses and skirts to full-length skirts and pants. 

Blazers will be useful to you on many occasions; you can wear them when you have a day off and are going with your friends and even as a role-play to act like a badass businesswoman for your client. They can also be extremely helpful to cover extravagant dresses you are wearing to meet your client and save you from unnecessary attention.

Nude Heels 

One can not deny that heels make a woman look more physically attractive, hot and sexy. Heels make your legs look more trim and your body more attractive. No amount of heels is enough, but a nude heel will always save the day! Adding a pair of nude shoes to any ensemble elevates it to a higher level of style and class.

Your daytime and nighttime outfits both benefit from the addition of a pair of nude heels; these gorgeous hues blend well with just about anything. You may easily achieve a sleek and smooth look by wearing a pair of nude-coloured heels. You can pair them with your casual look on casual outings with your client and can also pair them with any of your sexy dresses for a sexy evening. Nude heels can go with almost every dress and colour!

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are the most widely appealing of all dresses. The wrap dress may be worn for any occasion, from lunch to a party night out. It's possible to wear a wrap dress up or down depending on the jewellery you choose to wear.

Wrap dresses are one of the rare pieces of clothing that are popular for more than one season. Wrap dresses have been around for a long time and have become a fashion statement-making them a wardrobe essential. Wearing a wrap dress, you can easily look at the girl next door for the client who chooses you for the girlfriend experience and look highly sexy for other clients by pairing your dress with different accessories.

Lace Thongs

A lace thong that barely covers your sexy parts is a perfect tease for all of your clients. Thongs are extremely seductive because they have an almost slight covering of the backside. It doesn't matter what you wear over your thongs; they make you seem sexier than before. With a thong on, you'll be able to go about your day with ease and sexiness. There is nothing like the sense of moving around the world in a thong; it makes every woman feel sexy.

Thongs greatly enhance the appearance of your body and will allow you to show off your body's natural curves while wearing tight clothing. Every escort's sensual, feminine, full of sex appeal appearance is levelled up when they wear thongs. Even when they wear tight, thin fabrics, they can always count on thongs to keep their figure in check. Also, when wearing thongs, you won't have to worry about any visible panty lines.


We all love tucked-in shirts; tucking in a while going out with your clients gives you a sexy and classy look. You could just tuck in a plain shirt with black trousers, pair the looks with heels and look hot enough to make your client drool over you. However, if your shirt is not tucked in properly, it will look messy and unattractive to your client. That's why you should use bodysuits and maintain a sexy look.

A bodysuit's primary function is to allow you to wear anything you want to tuck in to stay intact for a polished look. When it comes to keeping your blouse in place, you don't have to worry about having to shove your hand down your top to do so. Not to forget, bodysuits are sexy, sassy and can easily spice things up in the bedroom.

Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

What is a woman's wardrobe without accessories? Attractive women's outfits aren't just well-made; they complement stunning jewellery and other trinkets. There is often a great deal of style to be found in the tiniest details. A pretty outfit will undeniably make you look attractive to your client, but lovely jewellery with it will be a cherry on the top of your look.

Sometimes a piece of jewellery is much more than just an add-on and becomes the most appealing feature of your look. For example, you can wear a plain dress and pair it up with gorgeous silver accessories. The accessories will change your look from casual to hot in no time. Wearing a gorgeous necklace enhances your overall look, and wearing bracelets and rings on your hand, somehow makes them look even more beautiful.


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